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Perfluoroeslastomers (click on any product number for the full product data sheet)

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FFKM Compounds (Click for durometers, colors)

Compound 34831 is an 80 durometer black colored Perfluorelastomer, it is specifically formulated for resistance to heat, up to 572°F(300°C). This compound has good chemical resistance, low to no ion extractables, excellent compression set resistance and excellent plasma resistance.

Compound 34860 is an 80 durometer black colored Perfluoroelastomer, it is specifically formulated for chemical resistance. This compound has a low permeation, low swell and low extractables in a broad range of chemicals. It also has low to no metal ion extractables.It has an upper temperature of 428°F (220°C).

Compound 34740 is an 75 durometer black colored steam resistant Perfluoroelastomer.

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