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Selection Guide for Standard Size QUAD-RING® Seals And QUAD® Brand O-Ring Seals
Our Part

Our standard seal tooling is dimensioned to the shrink characteristics of our popular 366Y, a 70 durometer nitrile formulation. Because every rubber formulation has its own shrink characteristics, slight deviations in dimensional tolerances will occur when standard seal tooling is used with materials other than our 366Y. The majority of the cases we encounter involve rubber compounds with a higher shrink factor, resulting in an undersize seal, so a slight adjustment in groove dimension may be required. This shrinkage is most pronounced when using silicone, fluorosilicone and flouroelastomer materials, and occurs during both curing and post-curing of the part.

Please contact us for tolerances when specifying any of these other compounds.

Nominal and Actual Dimensions
The following part numbers are linked to tables providing both nominal and actual dimensions, reflecting a slight built-in size reduction for effective sealing.

Numbers 001-175 / 176-247 / 248-284 / 285-370 / 371-448 / 449-475 / 901-932

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